Q & A

On this page you will find some answers to questions you might have.

If you have further questions, please contact us via the . contact form.

I receive the message 'This e-mail address is already in use'.

If you receive the message 'This e-mail address is already in use', go to 'login' at the top right and click on 'forgot password'. You will then receive an email to reset your password. Be sure to look in your spam/junk mail. If you can't find anything there, please contact us.

How can I view the free section of the Workshop on De-stressing?

Have you seen the videos on Ontstressen.nu? Click here.  

Then follow these steps to see even more:

  • Click on subscribe at the top right and enter your e-mail address.
  • Check your mail (including your spam) and use the link in the mail to set a password.
  • At the top via the 'Workshops' menu or via the homepage click on 'Workshop de-stressing' and there on 'watch online' or scroll down and click on 'Free section of the Workshop on De-stressing'.
  • If the videos do not come through properly, click on the blue box 'Watch on Vimeo'. Have fun viewing : -)
  • At the bottom you can download the Worksheet to use on your computer, tablet or phone.

How can I contact you?

By clicking here ?

Help! Suddenly everything's in Dutch...

Click on 'EN' at the top right to see everything in English again.

Or click on 'FR' to read in French.

How can I register for a workshop?

First of all, create an account by clicking on 'log in'.

Or go to your account, also via 'log in'.

Did you follow the Core module? Then you can also register for the Masterclasses.

Always make sure that you have clicked on 'log in' at the top right before signing up for a workshop!

Where can I find more information about the book 'de-stressing yourself in less than five minutes'?

Here you can read more about stress and de-stressing.

You can buy the book from one of the Connection Coaches the Connection Coaches or have it delivered by post by ordering it online.

Where does 'Live The Connection' come from?

Read more about the founder of this method here.

Where can I read the feedback of participants?

By clicking here or going to 'Feedback on the Workshop on De-stressing via the main menu.

Click here for inspiration for children, parents and teachers.